(Leider eines fahrender Gesselen)

Gustav Mahler


In his mid twenties Gustav Mahler was infatuated with the young soprano Joanna Richter. His affection for Richter was unrequited as she was soon to be married to another. Mahler expressed his despondency in his Songs of a Wayfarer. In a letter to a friend he writes, “ The idea of the songs as a whole is that a wayfaring man, who has been stricken by fate, now sets forth into the world, traveling wherever his road may lead him.” Mahler wrote the text for each song.

This Morning in the Fields
“This morning I went through the fields,
Dew still clung to the grass,
The gay finch said to me:
How is it? Good morning! How goes it?
Isn’t it a beautiful world?
How I love the world!”

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